I don’t know why I referenced Pok√©mon there. I’ve barely even played it.

Anyway, Rasternauts on the PC has been all finished up and submitted to Desura, and all being well it should be available at some point next week. Here’s hoping it does somewhat better than the Xbox 360 version, but more importantly, here’s hoping that the people who do give it a try will enjoy it. I think they should. It’d be awful to think they wasted their time.

I’ve been doing other things. I did an interview with the fine folks at The Experience Bar, which was fun, and you get to read many things there about the whole process of developing the game, and whether or not I’ll bother submitting it to Steam Greenlight, and also about the wondrous new animated mouths the PC version has and I’m definitely proud of.

But mostly I’ve been busy with both working and studying, which is why it’s been about five months since I last made a post here. I’m quite looking forward to June when I can have my weekday evenings back. At least for a week, then there’s the small matter of a football tournament.

I probably won’t get picked though.

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