Rasternauts has been in peer review for a while now.

In fact, it’s been there twice. The first time was going really swimingly right up until it was pointed out that a “Level Complete” message would appear at the end of a level (this was good) and then stay there at the start of the next (this was bad). Sure, I could have forged ahead and released that, but I’ve standards to maintain. Or create. Or something.

Anyway, there was a more troubling bug that didn’t get noticed, and which was actually causing the levels to become depopulated the longer you played. And not the good kind of depopulation, using your gun to off enemies as intended, but the very bad kind where they all disappeared right at the start.

So in many respects, it was a good thing that I pulled it from review. Now it’s back up and hopefully shall come through. In the meantime, I’d better sort out this website. It’s a trifle… bare.

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