Well, there is no dust really. More a particle vapour caused by when you hit the vector ground.

Now that the game’s out, hopefully I’ll see some reviews in time (feelers have been put out there, in a non-creepy way), but I won’t just rest on the game. Already there’s been feedback to take on board, and I think I can improve the game, so that’s precisely what I’ll be trying to do.

In the main, I think the trial experience isn’t good enough. If Microsoft didn’t enforce an eight minute timer on the game then people would be able to play about a third of the way through before they hit a paywall, getting comfortable with the controls, browsing the menus and enjoying (or hating – it’s up to them) the story. Instead, if they want to maximise their playtime they have to rush past all of that and try to get a feel for the game as soon as possible. And I think that isn’t showing the game in the best light.

So I’m looking into offering a separate and short trial campaign, which drops you right into the action from the off. It’ll sit alongside the main story mode and be offered up to the player as an ideal way to jump into the game without doing so completely blind.

Another tweak I’m considering is an option to adjust the effects of momentum – some people just aren’t gelling with it. I quite like it, but many others don’t. I’ll play around to see if putting in an option to reduce it has any negative consequences with the level design later. I won’t remove it completely though – just as there are people who don’t like it, there are those (like me) who do, and I’m not going breaking the game for anybody who’s halfway through and quite enjoying it.

As ever with an XBLIG update, it could be a while before it’s ready, but as I haven’t actually started working on it yet, it’s safe to say it won’t be tonight…

In the meantime, a big thanks to everyone who’s bought and rated it so far. You’re making an inexperienced developer rather happy.

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